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One weird trick to feel less tired

😴 Today’s tip: Tape your mouth shut when you sleep.

Ah sleep, that beloved and sometimes elusive state! So cherished by adults, so dreaded by children, so crucial to everyone’s wellbeing. If you’re having trouble sleeping through the night these days, the problem might be this: You’re breathing through your mouth.

As Vivek George writes in Elemental: “While many of us use our mouth to breathe, this is actually the primary role of the nose.” Breathing through our mouths when we sleep can lead to poor sleep quality, snoring, even increased risk of cavities and elevated blood pressure. The solution? Tape your mouth shut. No, really. “By placing a piece of tape over your lips before going to bed,” George notes, “your mouth will remain closed while you sleep, prompting you to naturally breathe through the nose.” Sweet dreams, sweet (former) mouth-breathers.

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