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One way to beat envy

💭 Today’s tip: Every time you feel envious, ask what your envy is telling you.

Maybe at first we thought pandemic life meant the end of FOMO. And yet, nature is healing: Our feeds are once again full of envy-inducing vacations, magazine-perfect home offices, selfies of people somehow… thriving, or anyway seeming to. But if you feel a pang of envy at someone’s “personal news” tweet, don’t beat yourself up. Just listen to what that envy is telling you.

As Darius Foroux writes in his weekly Stoic Letter, “Every time you feel envious, check your priorities. Take the envy as a sign to adjust your perspective.” If you’re envious about someone’s creative pursuit, make more time to focus on your own. If what really gets you is someone’s beautiful meals, sit down with a favorite cookbook and plan out your perfect dinner. And don’t forget the most important step: Look around you and acknowledge what you have that you’re really, really grateful for — what felt like enough before that ugly pang of envy.

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