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One way to get to know yourself better

📋 Today’s tip: Write your to-do list on a piece of paper.

There are so many neat apps and other digital tools out there that promise to keep us more organized and on-task, and thank goodness, in These Scattered Times, for that. But sometimes, as Rosie Spinks writes for Forge, the absolute best to-do list is the one you write down, with a pen, on paper.

This is not just for the usual reasons (writing something by hand can help solidify it in your brain, etc). As Spinks points out, a written to-do list can be as intimate and revealing as a journal entry. She writes, “That’s the thing about a really good to-do list: It’s extremely personal, even tender. It reveals what you’re worried about. What you struggle to do for yourself each day. What you can’t seem to get done week after week. What you look forward to. And even who you love.”

So write down your to-do list today, and tomorrow, and the next day. You’re organizing your thoughts, but you’re also embarking on a path to self-knowledge.

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