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One tip to ease your decision fatigue

Today’s tip: Divide up the mental load for Covid decision-making.

This past year was, among many things, a year of decision fatigue. “Every single day for nearly a year now, you’ve had to make decisions that affect the health of you and your family,” writes Anirudh Kedia. “Should I go home now that the park is getting crowded? Should I run into the store or do curbside pickup?” It’s a lot. It’s exhausting. And it’s piled on top of all the other non-Covid decisions you already have to make each day just to keep life running.

Kedia’s recommendation: Split up the mental load within your household. “Have one person be in charge of deciding what to eat that week, while the other can plan some socially distanced activities,” he writes. The more you can share the burden, the less fatigued you’ll be.

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