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One thing you don’t have to do this week

This week, the Daily Tip is offering advice on how to approach this strange holiday time.

🦃 Today’s tip: Give yourself permission to not recreate holiday traditions this year.

Look, there’s no way around the fact that this Thanksgiving is going to look very different from Thanksgivings past. Re-creating a perfect replica of your usual holiday feast will not change that. Forcing holiday cheer on your family Zoom call will not change that.

So why not just… free yourself from the burden of pretending? If treating the day like a celebration feels like too much to ask of yourself, then don’t. “Acceptance is the first step to dealing with any painful experience,” Ashley Abramson writes. “We compound our own suffering when we tell ourselves we shouldn’t feel a certain way.” When you acknowledge that yes, this sucks, you give yourself room to find ways to feel better. You never really liked turkey anyway? Tuck into your favorite comfort food and let it do its work.

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