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One simple way to stay motivated this week

🎯 Tip: Keep a “why I do this” list.

It’s easy to get caught up in the what of a job — the deadlines to meet, the numbers to crunch, the Zoom meetings to look attentive in—and in the midst of it all, lose sight of the why. On Start It Up, Amardeep Parmar shares a strategy for keeping your eye on the real prize: Make a “why I do this” list. This is a collection of reasons you do what you do. Parmar, a writer and editor, explains: “For me, it’s the fun of working out how to craft messages, the friends I’ve made in the online world, and the amazement that I can reach people with my words and find value in it.” Keep your list in view and refer to it whenever you need to push through those last few calls or that mundane report.

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