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One simple way make your emails more impactful

Tip: Add that no response will result in you taking an action.

If you’re like many people, you end your emails with the chipper sign-off: “Let me know! Thanks!” And then once you hit send, you sit there in mild distress, wondering if or when that person will ever actually let you know. In those times when you can’t move forward with your own responsibilities until you receive an answer, it helps to include a deadline with your message. Twitter user Angry Rose shares this advice: “Pro-tip: When constructing emails, make sure you write in some way that no answer will result in you taking an action. Example: ‘If I don’t hear back by Friday, I will do XYZ.’” Used with consideration and care, the line can save you from having to send endless “Just checking in!” follow-up emails, which we all know are just awkward.

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