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One simple rule to improve your focus

📱 Today’s tip: Set limits around the time you spend on your productivity apps.

As Angela Lashbrook explains in Debugger, productivity apps can have the counterintuitive effect of making it harder to focus.

“It’s because of a problem known as task switching, frequently and inaccurately called ‘multitasking,’” Lashbrook writes. “Every time you pick up your phone, switch over to another browser window, or look at the episode of Seinfeld you have playing while you work, you’re not ‘multitasking’ — you’re switching from one task to another. And it’s not easy to get your brain back on track.”

Treat your app like any other distraction, and give it your attention only at specific times, like 10 minutes at the beginning of the day. That way, you’re the one in control.

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