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One rule for when you’re feeling stuck

Today’s tip: Use “sizeboxing” to get out of a mental rut.

The human brain doesn’t do well with infinite choice. That’s why creative innovation often blooms from the introduction of constraints. One easy method for doing just that is “sizeboxing” — which, simply put, means committing to a specific size for your work.

For Forge writer Herbert Lui, that means jotting each new idea on a 4x6-inch index card. “This keeps me concise,” he writes. “The less time you have, the smaller a size you may want to go with.” But any sizeboxing technique will do the trick: Try writing an essay in your phone’s notes app that’s so short, you can read the whole thing without scrolling. Add a sentence a day to a Google Doc. Whatever your approach, this small creative practice can yield massive results.

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