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Michelle Woo

Jun 20, 2021

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One quick evening practice to change your narrative

😴 Tip: Tell yourself a bedtime story about your day.

Here’s a lovely ritual that works just as well for adults as it does for kids: Tell yourself a story about your day. It’s a spin on the research-backed “third-person pep-talk.” Basically, before you go to bed, you narrate your day in your head, spotlighting yourself as the imperfect hero. For example: “Today, Michelle woke up and was feeling overwhelmed and sluggish, so she decided to take a walk and think through her priorities. That helped her a lot.” It sounds a little silly, we know. But there’s power in giving yourself some distance from, well, yourself. When you step back, you can look critically at the choices you made and see all that you did right—and then try to make tomorrow’s story even better.

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