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One question to renew your interest in anything

🏡 Today’s tip: Ask yourself, what would you do if it was your first day here?

Do you ever look around your life and feel sort of deeply, existentially meh about it all? You’d be forgiven for feeling this way, especially if you’ve been in the same place with the same people for over a year now.

Ross McCammon writes in Forge about a time when his children were bored, and he presented them with a mental challenge: “Pretend this is the first time you’ve ever been to this house. This is an Airbnb now, and you just walked in the door. What would you do if it was your first day here?”

Challenge yourself with the same thought exercise. Look around at your home (or your job, or your relationship, or whatever’s feeling dull) and imagine, what would this feel like if you were brand new to it? Sometimes a little shift in perspective can be enough to turn something mundane into a new-to-you space filled with possibilities.

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