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One question to help you beat imposter syndrome

🤔 Today’s tip: Ask yourself, “How would I define what good work looks like today?”

One reason impostor syndrome can be so hard to shake is that we tend to rely on the wrong tools to beat it. As the therapist Kathleen Smith notes in Forge, confidence is only a Band-Aid. The real cure is objectivity. “The people who tend to be the least anxious about a big meeting or a new promotion are those who can evaluate themselves realistically, without relying too much on praise or criticism from others,” she writes.

Getting that clarity for yourself starts with asking the right questions. How would you define a job well done? What did you do well today? What could you improve upon? “If you’re curious and committed to doing good work,” Smith explains, “you won’t have to worry about whether you belong in your role. You’ll know.”

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