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One easy way to live more green

🍝 Today’s Tip: Maximize your next trip to the grocery store.

During the pandemic, we’ve all been engaging in a global CO2 emissions experiment; Paul Greenberg points out in GEN that in 2020 the United States cut emissions by 10 percent. How can we keep it up (without the pandemic part, thank you very much)?

Here’s one easy (if slightly counterintuitive) way to contribute: more efficient grocery shopping. Greenberg suggests making fewer trips to the supermarket, buying more food per trip and more frozen food. This is significant for the climate, Greenberg notes, “not only because of the decreased driving to and from the store but also because frozen food costs the planet much less than fresh. Fast-spoiling fresh food can be extremely carbon costly because it often travels to us by airplane.” And you thought buying in bulk and shopping less frequently just saved you time and money!

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