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One delicious way to stay motivated

🥨🍫 Today’s tip: Reward yourself with a salty/sweet snack combo.

On Forge, Sophie Lucido Johnson explains the key to the perfect snack-as-motivator: variety. In her early standup comedy days, she writes, “the only way I could convince myself to bike to a club to do a set was to promise myself any treat I wanted at the 24-hour gas station on the way home. Usually, I chose one salty thing and one fruity thing that I could eat rhythmically: Skittles and Fritos; Sour Patch Kids and popcorn; Mambas and Ruffles.” Choose your favorite combo, and when you’ve done the hard thing you were motivating yourself to do, revel in the indulgence of leveling up from a snack to a full-on snack spread.

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