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Make this the first step in planning your week

🎨 Today’s tip: Color code your Google calendar.

An hour-long brainstorm at work demands a very different energy from an hour-long catch-up with your best friend, so why do they look the same on your calendar?

“You probably just see a wall of to-dos,” Dan Silvestre writes of the typical calendar setup. “You aren’t gaining an understanding of the type of tasks that occupy your schedule or how urgent they are.”

Color-coding that wall of to-dos, he explains, helps you understand at a glance what your day will look like — not just the chunks of time you have scheduled, but what’s required of you in each of those chunks. Silvestre’s system, based on color psychology, includes using an attention-grabbing red for your most urgent tasks, calming blue for simple tasks or breaks, a cheery yellow for things that bring you joy.

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