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Make someone’s day with two words

🙏 Today’s tip: The most powerful networking tool is a thank-you note.

Two short words that have the power to transform human relationships: “Thank you.”

A message of thanks to someone you’ve lost touch with — a former manager, an old coworker — has benefits for you both. As Laura Vanderkam points out in a recent column, “One study found that people underestimate how happy recipients will be when they receive thank-you letters.” And when you’re the source of that happiness, you’re creating an opening for a friendly chat with someone who can help you solve a problem, like filling an open position.

It’s a simple but effective way to network. Just send an email with “Thank you” as the subject line, and express gratitude for a past favor: Maybe you just had a call with someone they’d introduced you to long ago, or used an old lesson they taught you. Find the peg and remind them of its impact. You’ll be happy. They’ll be happy. And a relationship will be renewed — all from an email it takes you about a minute to write.

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