It’s Ok Not to Be a Literal Superhero

Photo: Getty / Gareth Cattermole

As LEVEL senior editor John Kennedy wrote in the Minority Report newsletter following Chadwick Boseman’s death from colon cancer, the 43-year-old actor’s legacy has quickly been distorted into another example of hustle porn.

“Somehow,” Kennedy notes, “some folks have managed to twist Chadwick’s awe-worthy work ethic while ill into a new way to criticize and shame others for their own productivity — pseudo-motivation that’s thick with ableism. Who raised these people?”

As Kennedy points out, there’s no point in assigning value to life based entirely on output. So you haven’t starred in movies while privately battling cancer? Fine. There’s a reason why Boseman was the Black Panther and you weren’t (sorry!). A healthier approach might be to take a moment to appreciate how this extraordinary man touched others, created joy, and made the most of his time on earth — not to belittle others (including yourself) for not having the work ethic of a superhero.

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