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Instantly liven up your breakfast routine 😋

🎂 Today’s tip: Eat whatever the heck you want in the morning.

What’s for breakfast these days? Cereal? Yogurt? Something really wild like…scrambled eggs? Do you ever stop to acknowledge the incredible freedom that you, as an adult human, have over your own breakfast menu? “There’s no good reason you can’t eat a chicken-parmesan hoagie for breakfast,” as Amanda Mull writes in The Atlantic.

Mull notes that the very idea of “breakfast food” as a category is both oddly American and totally unnecessary. (Her piece traces the unique, and rather recent, history of breakfast food as a concept.) In our very-at-home lives, it feels extra pointless. So much is monotonous these days. Throw caution to the wind and eat chicken noodle soup for breakfast if that’s what you’re in the mood for. Voila, chicken noodle soup is now breakfast food.

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