How to Survive in a World of Information Overload

Pursuing knowledge is great until it becomes a distraction

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6 min readSep 29, 2021


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We live in a world of too much information, and it’s nothing less than a blessing.

Throughout most of human history, access to knowledge was limited. Power equated to how much information you had access to. Kings built great libraries, and texts were rare and valuable things.

Today, however, what was once scarce is abundant. We’re drowning in information. There are more books to read, blogs to follow, and videos to watch than anyone could consume in countless lifetimes. We have the incredible opportunity to learn nearly anything with a few taps or clicks.

This new ability presents challenges. Now, rather than information, the scarce commodity is attention. The ability to focus on the things that matter while ignoring the things that don’t is a defining trait of people who achieve their dreams.

With the information deluge showing no sign of easing in the years to come, the world is bifurcating into people who allow their time and attention to be controlled and manipulated by others, and those with the power to decide for themselves.

The ability to become Indistractable is a super skill. Without the ability to block out distractions, you’ll be condemned to going through life following someone else’s agenda.

Here are the steps to take to become a master, rather than a slave, of information overload:

Turn your values into time

Mastering information consumption starts with determining your values, then turning your values into time.

Values are attributes of the person we want to be.

Values such as honesty, integrity, self-reliance, and kindness are traits you want to embody rather than something you want to have, like money or social status. If it can be taken away from you, it’s not a value.

A value is like a guiding star; it’s the fixed point we use to help us navigate our life choices, including how we spend our time.

By categorizing our values into three life domains — you, your relationships, and your work — we get two…



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