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How to read the news without getting sucked in

👀 Today’s tip: Instead of aimless scrolling, give yourself a single news objective.

You can only absorb so much information at once. Unfortunately, the 24-hour news cycle did not get that memo. To keep on top of the news — like, really on top of it — you need a plan.

Think of information gathering as a process with three parts. The first is knowing your objective, or the information you want to seek out. Then give yourself a time frame in which you plan to find it, whether that’s a five-minute window between meetings or a half-hour during your lunch break. The third part, which is optional, is to implement a tool to keep you on task (we at Forge are big fans of setting timers and blocking off online distractions with the SelfControl app). Congratulations: You just got your time back.

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