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How to make a simple moment extraordinary

🍿 Today’s tip: Make a normal TV veg-out session into a movie night.

“In our busy, goal-driven society, it’s easy to overlook the delight found in the little moments,” Itxy Lopez writes in Mind Cafe. “We try to achieve so much in so little time that the beauty of life itself gets lost.” Lopez writes about how she and her family make a practice of making mundane moments feel really special, from spontaneous dance parties to no-reason game nights.

She recalls a time when she and her family were watching a television show, and set up a bunch of blankets and pillows, turned off the lights, gathered snacks — made it, in other words, an Event. “I’ve watched a lot of shows…but none of them are memorable like that one.” Think of what will turn the volume up on an experience and make it more memorable. “It doesn’t have to be complicated,” as Lopez puts it. “Find beauty in the mundane. Even when the rest of your life is crap, latch onto something good.”

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