How to find more joy in your job

Cari Nazeer
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1 min readSep 2, 2020


Today’s tip comes from The New Self-Help, Forge’s 21 essential self-improvement books for the 21st century.

😆 Today’s tip: Incorporate play into every part of your life, even work.

We tend to think of play as something siloed off from the business of running our lives, something to make time for, if we can, between our jobs and all our other obligations. But play isn’t an activity to schedule. It’s a mindset, one with the power to enhance every activity — “ultimately less of a what and more of a how,” as Amy Fusselman writes in her book Savage Park.

Play, she explains, is a willingness to take on risk, to fail, to feel free and open. At work, that might mean something as big as making a leap into a new career, or as small as voicing an out-there idea during a meeting. And it means creating situations that foster, in Fusselman’s words, “a full and complete allowance of a self.”

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