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How to configure your phone so you use it less

📱 Today’s tip: Reduce the temptation to check social media by setting your phone to grayscale.

Sure, most of us could stand to cut down on our aimless scrolling. But as Adam Bell explains on OneZero, there’s a sweet spot between staring glassy-eyed at your Instagram feed for hours and going completely cold turkey. “Quitting social media can be isolating, with a legitimate ‘fear of missing out’ on watching your friend’s children grow, or staying in the loop with extended family,” he writes.

Instead of quitting, make the experience a less pleasurable one by adjusting your phone’s settings. “Rewards from social media are delivered visually, so try reducing the glamour of your newsfeed by putting your phone in grayscale,” Bell explains. “You’ll be amazed at how boring everyone’s posts look.”

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