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Here comes the sun(light)

🌅 Today’s tip: Make time in the morning to get a dose of sunlight.

If the healthiest thing you can do right now is stay at home — and it is — then why not make your home the healthiest version of itself? As Emily Anthes explains in Elemental, that starts with making sure you get ample exposure to natural light indoors, especially early in the day.

“Daylight can boost mood, enhance learning, and reduce blood pressure,” Anthes writes. “It also keeps our circadian rhythms in sync; blue-enriched morning light helps us remain alert during the day and improves our sleep at night.”

So try drinking your coffee outside, or at least sip it in the most well-lit part of your home. When you start work for the day, try doing it near a window. Keep your blinds open as much as possible. Your body will appreciate it.

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