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Fuel Personal Growth by Deliberately Seeking Discomfort

A study at the famous Second City improv club in Chicago shows the benefits of purposely aiming for discomfort

A white man with a beard wearing a white collared shirt, red scarf, and dark pants stands on a stage backlit by alternating blue and red lights in an otherwise dark room. He has his arms slightly outstretched. The dark silhouettes of a few people in the audience can be seen.
Photo by Michel Grolet on Unsplash

When it comes to building athletic strength and resilience, a well-known phrase captures the process: “no pain, no gain.” That rhyming philosophy may apply to mental growth as much as…




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Emily Willingham

Emily Willingham

Journalist, author, Texan, biologist. I write All About Us (we=us), All About Adolescence (our longest growth stage), & All About Aging (we’re all doing it).

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