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Do this tonight to separate work and home life

🍵 Today’s tip: This five-senses ritual will shut down the workweek and welcome the weekend.

To paraphrase an old adage, it’s never too late in a pandemic to start a new ritual — especially if it’s one that will make your 5pm work-from-home shutdown feel legit. As Sophie Lucido Johnson puts it in Forge, “you need a boundary between your work life and your home life.”

Here, according to Johnson, is what you need to do:

Turn your phone on airplane mode. Put on music that calms you. Set a timer for one hour, and heat up a big cup of herbal tea. Wrap yourself in the coziest blanket. Listen to the songs, smell the tea, and slowly rub some nice-smelling lotion into your hands. Just think about how nice all those things feel in your body. Don’t worry about thinking about anything else.

Obviously you don’t have to follow all these steps — maybe you hate tea, or maybe you live with children who don’t get the concept of an hour of calm — but it’s a good template to start with. You’ll achieve a sense of work-life balance and you’ll smell nice, to boot.

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