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Do this to kickstart your reentry

🌱 Today’s tip: Fake a “reset” with a haircut or room re-do

In many parts of the world, people are getting vaccinated, things are opening up, and plans are reappearing on calendars as rapidly as they disappeared last spring. But what if you aren’t sure if you’re ready for reentry? Research suggests that you can trick your brain into registering “temporal landmarks” that motivate behavior changes — the way spring, or a new school year, can make you feel like making a fresh start. Force a “fresh start” feeling by making one tangible change.

“Even simple changes like getting a haircut, rearranging your living room, or, in my case,” writes Ashley Abramson in Forge, “buying a new cookbook and reorganizing the kitchen can ‘reset’ your sense of time and empower you to make the choices you want to make. The important thing is to do something that feels like a reset.”

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