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Do this tiny thing when you’re overwhelmed by your messy house

🏠 Tip: Ask yourself: “What small step can I take to make this space functional?”

When cleaning your house feels like an uphill battle, KC Davis—known as Domestic Blisters on TikTok—suggests asking yourself a simple question: “What do I need for this space to be functional?” Not sparkling clean. Not Pinterest-worthy. Not ready to be judged by your mother-in-law. Just functional.

Maybe in order to cook dinner, you need a small section of your kitchen counter to chop some veggies. So then clear off that section. After that, if you have the capacity to keep cleaning, go for it. (Davis recommends setting 10-minute timers.) But if need to stop, that’s okay, too. “Remember that your space exists to serve you—not the other way around,” Davis says. “You just have to have a space that’s functional for you.”

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