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Do this before your vaccine (you’ll thank yourself later)

💉 Tip: Set up a post-vaccine email auto-reply

Once you’ve scheduled your Covid vaccine, it’s normal to feel both excited (“I’ll get to hug Grandma again!”) and anxious (“Will I feel crummy afterwards?”). A way to care for your newly-antibodied future self is to set up a post-vaccine email auto-reply. Author Christine Koh cleared her work calendar and scheduled this response to go out the day after her second dose: “Thanks for your message! I’m OOO making space for any recovery needs post-vaccine. If you know of people who have not yet gotten their Covid-19 vaccine, please urge them to do so. Find a location near you at” The message set a clear boundary, so all she was left to do after her shot was rest and binge-watch Queer Eye. Give it a try. You can do it with texts, too.

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