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One thing to do at the end of every workday

🛑 Today’s tip: Put a hard stop on your workday with a “termination phrase.”

When your workspace is your kitchen table and “leaving the office” means taking nine steps to plop down on your living room sofa, it’s hard to separate work life from life-life. Stephen Moore shares a way to draw a boundary around your personal time: Create a “termination phrase,” a strategy he learned from the author Cal Newport. Basically, you come up with a phrase that you utter aloud to signify to your brain that your workday is complete.

Moore’s termination phrase is “Right, I’m done.” Yours might be something like “Over and out,” or “Powering off,” or “3–2–1 shutdown.” (The sillier the phrase, the more it’ll click.) And then, as Moore writes, “Be done, truly done.” You’re OOO, even if you’ve barely traveled much at all.

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