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An unexpected tweak to help you feel more productive

🖨️ Today’s tip: Get a printer.

Get a printer. That’s it. That’s the tip.

Yes, we realize it’s 2021 and the technological world has moved beyond ink cartridges and toner. But the printer has become the home office device of the pandemic — One U.K. survey found that 27% of people are now using their printer every day. Medium’s own managing producer Eunice Park suggests getting a cute one, so you don’t feel annoyed at its presence in your living room, er, home office.

Plus, if you have a printer, you can print out:

  • Complimentary emails from your boss or editors to stick on your Good Shit board.
  • A calendar so that you can mark off an “x” each day you perform your good habit, just like Jerry Seinfeld does.
  • This terrifying chart that can help you get things done.

Or maybe you’d like to print out this tip and share it with a friend. The possibilities are endless. Except when there’s a paper jam.

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