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An easy way to recharge today

🤐 Today’s tip: Seek out an activity without human voices.

Amid the strangeness and chaos of our new pandemic-shaped lives, it’s all too easy to let stillness — what the writer Ryan Holiday describes as “the ability to step back and reflect,” to be “steady while everything spins around you” — fall by the wayside. But even now, it isn’t that hard to come by.

Holiday describes a researcher who surveyed hundreds of executives on what they do to recharge: “Among the answers were things like swimming, sailing, long-distance cycling, listening quietly to classical music, scuba diving, riding motorcycles, and fly fishing,” he writes — all activities that can be done without hearing anybody speak. Your version can be as simple as taking a long walk (without listening to a podcast!). The key is to give your brain a rest from other people’s voices. And the result will be hearing, more clearly, your own.

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