47 Very Specific Answers to ‘What Can I Do to Help?’

There’s a role for everyone in this fight

Community members arrange donations at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota on May 30, 2020. Photo: Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

If you’re just now joining the fight and not sure where to start:

If you have racist family members or friends who are making sideways comments:

If you have young children with questions:

If you have all the free time, energy, and righteous anger of a Karen:

If you marched back in the ’60s and are amazed that young people are doing the same now:

If you have $20 or more to spare, donate:

If you don’t have money to donate right now, but do have time and energy:

If you’ve got mad cooking/baking skills:

If you’re a creative artist:

If you’re a citizen journalist:

If you prefer to post Martin Luther King Jr. quotes because he was “peaceful”:

If you prefer to post scripture or quotes by Jesus because he was “peaceful”:

If your workplace or organization has put out a lukewarm statement filled with safe platitudes:

If you’re an educator:

If you could sell a match to the devil himself:

If you’re a person of color who needs a break from constantly fighting the good fight, remember that self-care is a revolutionary act. Take time to:

If you’re over 18:

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