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Add this to your calendar to cut yourself some slack

🗓️ Today’s tip: Schedule an offline activity for yourself.

It’s hard not to get caught up in the news these days. Especially this week. But you deserve a break.

Take a cue from the journalist Karen K. Ho. Since April, she’s tweeted more than 500 reminders for people to stop doomscrolling and practice self-care. Not the “buying stuff” kind of self-care, but simple acts of personal maintenance that are important for body and mind. Things like drinking water and taking a stretch. Reading a book. Going for a walk in the fresh air. Calling a friend.

Try making a plan: set yourself a calendar appointment to go offline and plug into your wellbeing for as long as you can spare. It doesn’t matter much what you do with that time, so long as it’s something that will make you feel good.

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