A Weekly Review Will Make Your Days Run Remarkably Smoother

Think of it as a regular check-in with yourself

Woman going through papers and writing things down.
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  • Write down what’s going on. Take as much time as you need. If I’m feeling unclear about what I should be focusing on for the week, I’ll write that in my journal. I’ll also write about my previous week — what went well and what didn’t. Sometimes I remind myself of my monthly goals and annual goals. The goal is simply to release your thoughts and check-in with yourself. If you’d rather talk than write, you can use a voice dictation tool.
  • Review the previous weeks. Skim your notes from the past week, and maybe even some before. I’ll look at all the problems I encountered, and make notes of the solutions.
  • Create an ideal plan for any new projects. Before I wrote my book, I set project milestones to hit every week.
  • Plan each day of the week. I used to create a new to-do list every day, but I eventually encountered a problem: I would overestimate what I could accomplish. Now I do what Newport calls “time blocking,” and plan out every minute of every day on my Google Calendar. I generally leave Friday afternoon as a buffer to catch up on unplanned work.

I write about personal and collective growth. Author ‘There Is No Right Way to Do This’ herbertlui.net/reps/

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