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A trick to make time for everything

🗓️ Today’s tip: Balance your time with a “one for them, one for me” approach.

In Forge’s new five-day course, What Should You Really Be Doing With Your Life?, Felicia C. Sullivan offers lots of great, actionable tips that can help you find your focus and live the life you want. Sometimes, she reminds us, living the life you want has a lot to do with managing where you spend your time.

Sullivan shares a tip from brand designer and illustrator Krista Elvey: The struggle between chasing your wildest, weirdest creative impulses and paying your bills is very real. So I always try to balance every case of high-intensity client-led work with a project that pays next to nothing, but is dictated entirely by me, for me.” One for them, one for you, and everyone wins.

Follow along with the rest of the course here!

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