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A surprising way to make your weekend even more important

💡 Today’s tip: Move an hour or two of work from the week to the weekend.

Once upon a time, weekends were really different from weekdays. Remember that? We’d look forward to the break from the weekly grind, we’d plan to see friends, we’d be excited to spend time at home…

But lately, as Stephen Moore writes in Forge, weekends have just felt like weekdays, but with even less going on. If the unstructured abyss is getting you down, Moore has a radical suggestion: Every Saturday and Sunday morning, he gets up early and does a little bit of work before turning to more fun and relaxing activities.

“On weekends, I now have a reason to get out of bed,” he writes. “These work tasks switch my brain on and give me energy.” No one’s suggesting a seven-day slog of a workweek; Moore swears just a couple hours does the trick, and you might find you’re energized by even less. Do just enough to start your day with a sense of purpose, and everything that follows will be more enjoyable.

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