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Stay focused in your millionth Zoom

🎨 Today’s tip: Level up your meeting doodling game with this fun tool.

Video calls are a great way to become acquainted with the unique contours of your own Resting Bored Face, i.e. the face you make, apparently, while spacing out in meetings. Video calls also reveal just how much you tend to squirm around at your desk.

The answer: doodling, a great way to keep yourself lightly busy during meetings. You’re engaged just enough that you don’t squirm and grimace, but not so much that you can’t focus on what’s being said. And Elizabeth Funk, a software engineer here at Medium, has invented just the thing to help: A “paint like Jackson Pollock” website. Open it in another window and doodle away. It’s surprisingly satisfying! And it’s totally easy to play with while still listening to that tedious monthly report.

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