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A simple strategy to help you make a big change

📆 Today’s tip: To make any transition, set a deadline and work backwards.

If you haven’t yet seen Forge’s five-day course, What Should You Really Be Doing With Your Life?, by Felicia C. Sullivan, your tip for the day is: Check it out. In the course’s last installment, Sullivan offers a strategy for anyone looking for a concrete way to make a change:

Set an end date for your current role — whether you’re looking to move, transition, or evolve your job in your current company or leaving it — and create an action plan by working backwards from that end date. Once you have clarity on the end, the middle is infinitely more bearable, and you’ll give yourself time to emotionally transition from one role to another.

Really, it applies to any big life move you’re trying to make, job-related or not. Set your date, then build a bridge between the deadline and your present moment. That’s your plan.

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