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A simple move to ease your WFH aches and pains

🦵 Today’s tip: Add a loop band to your squats.

It’s tough to find the motivation to exercise when the pandemic has you feeling like your body’s falling apart. Elemental’s Anna Maltby, also a certified personal trainer, has a fix for creaky knees: Using a loop band during squats “will encourage you to drive your knees out rather than allowing them to collapse in toward each other, and that outward-driving effort fires up your glutes,” she explains. “In turn, those fired-up glutes do more of the work of lowering and raising your body, preventing your hamstrings and other muscles from taking over, which is often what makes your knees hate squats so much.”

You can make your own loop band out of a pair of leggings tied together, she adds — and if there’s anything most of us have in abundance right now, it’s stretchy pants.

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