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A shortcut to help you write anything

Earlier this week, Forge dropped How Google Drive Can Make Every Corner of Your Life Easier, a new project all about the many (many, many) ways to use it as the ultimate self-improvement tool. Through this weekend, we’re using this space to highlight a few of our favorite Drive tips.

Illustration: Simo Liu

✍️ Today’s tip is a tool to get your creative juices flowing: the writing plan spreadsheet.

How it works:
Whenever you need to tackle an ambitious writing project — a speech, a screenplay, even a lengthy email — begin by mapping out the structure in a spreadsheet. Use one column to create your skeleton, listing the rough sections or points you want to hit, and then use a second column to flesh out each one. If you’d like, you can keep adding additional columns that get increasingly granular, sketching out subsections or certain lines or details you’d like to include.

Why do it?
The hardest part of writing anything is always getting started — but if you have your building blocks ready to assemble, you’re eliminating a lot of that friction. As a bonus, you can turn your spreadsheets into templates, reusing them for different projects down the road.

Not into it? Don’t worry — there are dozens more where this came from. Explore our Guide to Google Drive now!

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