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A satisfying way to cut down on screen time

✍🏾Today’s tip: Practice your cursive. You won’t regret it.

There’s something soothing, in our very online world, about the act of sitting down to write something longhand: a list; a journal entry; a letter. Melissa Toldy writes on Medium about how she found practicing her cursive writing to be relaxing, even “intoxicating.” She writes, “I didn’t know cursive could be this delicious, or any kind of delicious.”

And writing in cursive isn’t just a fun way to create off-screen. It can also create an emotional connection with people you miss. Toldy started sending handwritten birthday cards, and notes, “Every time I sat down to write a loved one’s birthday message, I tapped into that emotional connection. The proof came when my recipients reached out to me. I didn’t expect this type of response, but nearly everyone told me the same thing: When I read your letter, I cried.

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