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A rule to create the future life you want

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⛔ Today’s tip: Figure out something to say “no” to.

In a moment when everything feels complicated, here’s a way to make your world a little simpler: Figure out what you want to say no to. Then say no.

The writer Ellen O’Connell Whittet explains how life with a newborn baby has crystallized for her the importance of setting boundaries around unwanted visitors and unsolicited advice: “I can’t control what the next few months will look like,” she writes. “What I can control is the traffic in and out of our home.”

There will undoubtedly be people in your life who aren’t thrilled to hear your “no.” (Hey, Aunt Susan just wants to drop off a casserole!) But right now, everyone has a great excuse for setting — and sticking to — personal boundaries, and it rhymes with schmandemic. Be clear about your boundaries now, and it will be easier to maintain that clarity forever.

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