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A mindset shift for sticking to a new habit

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🏋️ Today’s tip: The first step of starting a habit is giving yourself a new label.

Let’s say, for example, that you’ve decided this is the year you’re going to get really into running. Step one, before you even lace up your sneakers? Start thinking of yourself as a runner.

“If you still identify as somebody who hates to run, or somebody who doesn’t run, the energetic slog of getting yourself to do it is so much heftier,” explains Jen Sincero, author of Badass Habits. But “if you’re a runner, you run like it’s no big whoop-de-do… It’s just who you are and it’s what you do.”

You’re a runner. You’re a writer. You’re a life-long learner. Whatever it is you want to be, start by giving yourself that label. No big whoop-de-do.

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