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A confidence-boosting desk setup

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Today’s tip: Create a “Good Shit board” — a visual display of your professional accomplishments.

Your boss sends you a note saying you nailed that presentation. Your client mentions that your timeliness has made his job so much easier. Don’t just grin and move on. Take a cue from the writer Lauren Sieben, who keeps a running list of her big and small triumphs on a whiteboard.

“The Good Shit board is a lifeline on days when work feels frustrating,” she explains. “It’s where I go to celebrate my wins, providing a confidence boost anytime my morale takes a hit after a rejection or roadblock.”

If you don’t have a whiteboard, you can use a piece of paper or place sticky notes on your wall or monitor. Just choose a place that you’ll notice often — a place where you’ll constantly be reminded that yeah, you’ve done some really Good Shit.

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