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A clever way to silence your self-doubt

📋 Today’s tip: Replace your notebook with notecards.

Everyone has creative ideas, but, unfortunately, many of us also have an inner censor that likes to yell at us about how dumb all those ideas are. Over on Creators Hub, book author Charlotte Bismuth reveals how she outwitted the harsh internal voice that had her destroying her own notebooks for much of her life. Her solution is surprisingly simple: “I’m delegating some work to index cards instead. The drawback of notebooks, of course, is that it’s hard to turn back the pages or work with the contents in a dynamic way.” She uses the cards to record odds and ends—various thoughts, bits of research, or questions.

Something about writing down ideas on notecards can feel a little more forgiving than committing them to a notebook. And if your inner censor starts acting up, you can always just reshuffle the cards until it calms down.

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