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1 min readNov 27, 2020


This week, the Daily Tip is offering advice on how to approach this strange holiday time.

💻 Today’s tip: Don’t feel the need to fill every pause on your Zoom call.

No matter how much you miss the people on the other side of the screen, an hours-long Zoom call can be tiring. It’s hard to maintain lively conversation via video, and at this point, we’re all sick of staring at our own faces, anyway.

One fix: Think of your Zoom less like a conversation and more like a hangout. What would you be doing if you were all together for real? One person might be cooking. Another might settle onto the couch with a book. Conversations would fade in and out.

You don’t need to schedule the call, sit down with your catch-up points, and then wrap up when you’ve run through them all. Instead, keep the call running all day as you do other things. The best part of being together is the ability to just be together. You can recreate that, even from afar.

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