A publication from Medium on personal development.

Science-backed ways to feel better right now (and don’t worry, “exercise” is not on the list)

Overwhelmed? Aren’t we all. Sure, sure, we’re supposed to exercise more, eat better and get more sleep. Yada yada yada. Rather than harp on those challenges — they work but can ring hollow when we’re in a lousy mood — here are my favorite “I need help right now” mood…

Through many conversations with peers, workshops, and moments of self-reflection, I found my voice.

For someone who suffers from shyness and a healthy dose of imposter syndrome, speaking in meetings without an invitation is incredibly hard for me.

Over the past few years, the one piece of constant, constructive feedback I’ve received is to “speak up and share my perspective more”, as by doing…

When you let go of the wrong lessons you’ve picked up throughout your life, you’ll find new possibilities

Six years ago, product designer Andrei Herasimchuk wrote of an earlier time when he learned the wrong lesson during his career at Adobe. Early into his career as a designer, he had built a prototype over the weekend and a few days into his workweek. One of the product managers…

If you’re doing something 365 days a year, are you really listening to your body’s needs?

Did you meditate today? Complete your Apple Watch activity rings? Take 10,000 steps? Study ten minutes of French on your app? Did you floss your teeth?

When it comes to self betterment and personal development, there certainly is something to be said for the “every damn day” approach. By taking…


A publication from Medium on personal development.

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