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How to worry less about what people think of you

Humans spend a great deal of energy trying not to annoy each other. Maybe you don’t ask the boss an important question when she’s grumpy. Or you wait to text a date back so you don’t seem desperate.

And yes, we’ve all deleted those extra exclamation marks from an email…

Adaptation is one of the most astounding human skills, but only when we choose to employ it

The omicron variant has arrived. Is anyone else feeling misplaced anger at the Greeks? The news is just another reminder that the minefield-laden road to normalcy just took another detour.

How do we fight our way through it this time?

We need to choose the same path we should have…

Especially on social media

When I first heard that you should bring your whole self to work a few years ago, I knew it was a terrible idea. Have you ever been in a live customer service chat where the hospital billing guy tries to tell you about his weekend?

No one should bring…

Use the Pyramids of Phone Productivity to design a digital environment that aligns with the lifestyle you want

NOTE: The example here makes use of an iPhone, but the principles of organization are applicable to other operating systems.

When it comes to habit formation, self-improvement author James Clear writes, “Environment is the invisible hand that shapes human behavior.” …

What I learned from Oliver Burkeman’s new book “Four Thousand Weeks”

Times are hard. We’ve screwed up the climate and democracy in ways that are too complex to untangle in any satisfying amount of time. The Supreme Court is not going to protect us—in fact, it’s grabbing its guns and coming after us, too.

So it’s hard to remain hopeful, but…


A publication from Medium on personal development.

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