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3 Reminders That Things Aren’t So Bad

These Forge stories are here to tell you, “It’s fine! It’s totally fine”

Ross McCammon
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2 min readDec 30, 2019
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HHere at Forge, we love publishing stories that you read and think, “Whew!” It’s as if the writer is saying to you, “It’s fine! Don’t worry! The thing you’ve been stressing about for years? It’s truly no big deal.” These three stories acutely impart the reassurance that we hope infuses every article we publish.

You Don’t Have to Quit Social Media,” by Kate Morgan

Turns out the social-media cleanse is as effective as one of those fasts where you drink lemon water laced with turmeric for 11 days — if you feel any different, it’s only through the power of your own expectations. Social media isn’t inherently bad for you. It’s only bad if you think it’s bad. If you feel like your happiness is being compromised, then pull back a little. But if you don’t think it is, then don’t. It’s that simple.

Some People Don’t Like You and That’s Okay,” by Sarah Treleaven

At the top of this story, the writer reflects on a situation in which someone doesn’t like her, and how badly she wants to fix it. But why? Well... “We’re social animals, hardwired with the desire to be liked,” Treleaven writes. “The way the brain processes social rejection looks a lot like the way it processes physical pain. Dislike literally hurts.” To overcome the desire to entice everyone into liking you, you just have to do a simple accounting: How much would your life improve if they came around, and how much time would you have to spend to make this happen? Once you do that, you’ll likely determine: Not worth it.

The Life-Changing Magic of Having Enough,” by Ryan Holiday

For Holiday, one of Forge’s most popular writers, “It’s fine” is an existential message. In this story, which uses his own success for context, he champions the idea of not exceeding the point at which we achieve what we need to be happy. It’s as reassuring as it gets.



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